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  1. CallMeJoel

    72hr Jam 2022 Dr_Division V1

    Creators: Contributors:
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Templeruins v2

    Features! -14 Player controlled traps -5 independent traps -3 Ending choices! 50/50, Humiliation, And a melee fight against a powered up death! -Anti idle mechanics for both-sides -A motivator
  3. mintoyatsu

    dr_fall_guys v2

    5 minigames (Spinner, Fall, Chance, Slider, Dodgeball) 13 interactable traps + 3 passive traps (including randomized see-saws and doors) Free Run & Auto Mode Motivator Up to 32 players Music: "Fall-Stars" Fall Guys Medley by NoteBlock
  4. LegatusRift

    Shadow Moses 2020-09-01

    A deathrun map for Team Fortress 2
  5. Gabo

    Deathrun map help

    I'm making a deathrun map and I want to do is only get one player on the blue team, also, there are servers that has all classes run at the same speed and not having weapons. Is there an entity or a command that needs to be added to my map? Thank you.
  6. Gabo

    Deathrun trap help

    I'm starting to make a deathrun map and I want to make a trap about a falling platform by pressing the button, I tried other tutorials but I didn't work. So can anyone give me a simple tutorial to how to make a falling platform by pressing a button?
  7. That Guy In The Corner

    dr_badger_escape RC1

    About this map Starting in a locked room, RED players must escape through a series of traps, traversing the facility, dark mines, and finally the outdoors. Features: 9 triggered traps Environmental hazards Motivator (will also kill REDs who haven't picked an ending) Buttons that dont look...
  8. Don't smoke the Shrooms

    Where do I start?

    First off, I'm sorry if this is a common post, or if a thread for this exists elsewhere, I didn't see any though. I play a lot of deathrun on community servers like Retro or Blackwonder, and after a while, I concluded that I want to create my own specialized themed deathrun map for people to...
  9. Stoven

    DR_foursquare b1

    Foursquare, a map where you beat a section and then go back to spawn to clear another. Current Traps on the map - couple of those insta kill traps and drops - drill that explodes and kills - 50/50 door - some that mess with jumping on platforms Extras - tiny secret to parkore - spinner -...
  10. AgentApple50

    dr_pathway a13

    This is my first map, and my first post on this website ever. With that being said, don't expect to see any ground-breaking stuff like full on animations and such. However, I am working to improve and will update the entire map as I continue to learn new techniques. What I currently have to far...
  11. R60D

    dr_r60d redux_fix4b

    The map has in total 23 unique traps and 19 trap locations. Some traps have different results, which explains the 23. There are 5 Minigame and 2 of them are hidden ones. Good luck finding them. Can you find the sprite cranberry? Any feedback is appreciated :) This map made by yours truly has...
  12. Sheldon [DFS]

    dr_multiverse Second Update!

    Hello! This is my first time doing a map and I am interested in making deathrun maps for a specific server called "Dispenz0r's Fun Server". IMPORTANT NOTE! I can't actually work on dr_multiverse somedays because I am making a new map! Enjoy the new map soon! It's NOT like dr_multiverse!
  13. Destskelen

    Trap ideas

    Hey guys. I'm currently doing a deathrun map. Her style - Wild West. Imagine what traps will be there, I'm not very strong. Therefore, I would like to know your ideas on this occasion. What are the traps worth doing, as well as describe their action. Thanks!
  14. Rerun

    prop_physics_override not moving.

    I don't have much experience with physics props and override physics props so I don't know how to fix this problem. A prop_physics_override in my deathrun level that needs to move just stays in place ingame. I tried looking around in the settings for an answer and looking at other examples of...
  15. Mozz_Gaming

    Game_ui controls

    I’m currently in the process in building a death run map (had freezing issues with it but that was fixed in another thread :p) I am trying to build a mini game where the death is a final boss and controls a laser to point at the runners. The problem is this, I know that I would have to use a...
  16. Mozz_Gaming

    TF2 program chashes when 'waiting for players'

    the map renders fine as but when i spawn in the timer for 'waiting for players' comes up and stars from 28 seconds which i know is normal. however, the game crashes when that timer hits 1 or 2 seconds left. i checked to see if it does it on any other map (such as ctf_2fort) but they all work...
  17. red3pit

    Dimenssions v1

    My first attempt to make a deathrun map. Includes: - buckets - merasmus Credits: Hipster_Duck - jumppad trap prefab Mayann Team - mayann textures other people - other stuff that i have no idea if they are custom or not (silly me) Any feedback would be very much appreciated!
  18. Rerun

    Any way to make arrow projectiles be fired on a trigger?

    I am working on a Death Run map and there is going to be a trap that fires arrows at the player after trapping them. How to I make these arrows fire? What entity do I use?
  19. Werewolf

    DR_4Halls V7

    About The Map This map was originally built by Snaggle back in 2013. Since then it's been played on a few servers, but it had various bugs and issues preventing people playing the map. As Snaggle did not want to update the map himself, he gave me permission to update the map and fix its bugs. I...
  20. Werewolf

    DR_Bank 13

    About The Map This is a bank themed, TF2 Deathrun map where red team have to break in, steal the item deep in the inner vault and get back out alive. Blue team must use the traps defend the bank from the red invaders! Features 19 triggerable traps with additional automatic traps Themed...