Downtown downtown_final

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Downtown downtown_final


Hi, i'm trying to make a kong_king styled map using some more neon lights to make it even more colorful and aesthetic, i'm working on this since like 3 months ago and still working on it, tested like 54 times already!, it began as a test map for an small deathmatch event, but i liked it too much like to just left it as an unfinished thing.

Actually it doesn't have a gamemode, but i will make it a Capture the Flag map.

So there's the v6, i have been testing in a server for a while for the past 5 versions.


Please if you try it, report any bug/glitch/exploit in my map, it will be very helpful.

I hope you guys like it, and remember is still a beta map, i will try to finish it before march.

Warning: Maybe there's some broken custom prop textures since pakrat is not reading some of my map custom props.
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  1. ctf_downtown_final is here!

    After nearly 8 months of development I finally conclude the developing of this koth_king based map, thank you all for helping me with the errors/exploits in my map. Workshop link:
  2. Downtown_v8 hotfix

    I noticed pakrat didn't compiled the map correctly with the custom props so i tried again to pakrat the map, i hope this works.
  3. Downtown_v8 released

    So after a month since the last update i released, there's a new one. [WARNING: Some map stairs may not work since i'm having trouble with the player clip texture] Here's the full update log: +Made a lot of tweaks to the map +Fixed some map...