Downtown downtown_final

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After nearly 8 months of development I finally conclude the developing of this koth_king based map, thank you all for helping me with the errors/exploits in my map.

Workshop link:
I noticed pakrat didn't compiled the map correctly with the custom props so i tried again to pakrat the map, i hope this works.
So after a month since the last update i released, there's a new one.
[WARNING: Some map stairs may not work since i'm having trouble with the player clip texture]

Here's the full update log:
+Made a lot of tweaks to the map
+Fixed some map places using nobuild/playerclip textures
+Enhanced map lighting
-Removed Tornillos

Known issues:

-You can get the enemy intelligence to your spawn and keep it inside your spawn (I really need to know how to fix this, so please comment with an answer or send me a private message)
-If you stick to the train you can get out of the map
-Still no soundscapes so the map is very quiet
-Minor brush leaks in map

Map screenshots:
Released an update, it's been weeks since i worked on the map, so i added some things and made some tweaks, there's no CTF yet, it's still a deathmatch map, the final version will feature all the CTF things, so enjoy it.