Beidian B1

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Beidian B1

scream fortress

An assymetrical Scream Fortress map on an abandoned chinese town.

This map contains:

-5 Control Points
-Trains! (No actual Train God presence on this map)
-Smells like chinese food 24/7
-Ghosts (somewhere, soon, maybe)

Also this map uses the following custom content:

Construction Pack Assets
Frontline Supply Drop Asset Pack

Also the map doesn't have a nav file, so you can't play with bots or spawn bosses yet.

Please report any bug/exploit/glitch on this map's thread and I will fix it as fast as possible.
First release
Last update
Capture Points

Latest updates

  1. cp_beidian_b1

    +Added textures to BLU territory and half of RED's +Added textures to the underworld +Added optionalportal to the underwold once the mid control point is captured +The ghost actually moves now (yay!!) +Added NAV file to the map's file
  2. cp_beidian_a3 update log:

    +Added more health pickups +Added more detail to control points +Added secondary access to BLU's second control point +Replaced train sound +Added warning sounds before train arrives +Fixed lighting in some areas +Fixed shaking effect when...
  3. cp_beidian_a2 changelog

    -Added haunted vent with a rare-tier spell on second Red point -Added metro train light alert system and changed train spawn time to 1 to 60 seconds -Fixed mid point spawnpoints -Fixed underworld teleport Please report any bug or glitch on this...