Don't Taze me Bro: The Next Generation! 1.2B


  1. Cynder loves Portal
    A complete overhaul of "ctf_Don't_taze_me_bro" map.

    New Layout, new rooms and new features!
    This map has been tested in GMOD and SFM. ALL THE TF2 LOGIC WORKS!

    In case someone complains the screenshots are taken using Garrys mod, my Team Fortress 2 is still not working yet. I'm trying to get that sorted asap.
    ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10001.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10001.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10002.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10003.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10004.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10005.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10006.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10007.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10008.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10009.png ctf_dont_taze_me_bro_a10010.png

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