Don't Taze me Bro: The Next Generation! 1.2B


  1. fixes

    Cynder loves Portal
    A few fixes and somethings redone

    *You will lose all your weapons on the entry to the base. (garrysmod)
    *You will lose all your weapons and on the entry to the intel room.(garrysmod)
  2. just a new year

    Cynder loves Portal
    Minor update:

    *layout slightly changed
    *admin room cameras and console fixed.
    * admin now controls both bases B2 floor oxygen supply. The admin can turn it off and on. note: 2 second warning before area is sealed...
  3. minor

    Cynder loves Portal
    Minor layout changes and a few fixed stuff.
  4. fixes

    Cynder loves Portal
    just a fixes...

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