Ditch A4

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Ditch A4

Because I should have to go through all that trouble to pack a f***ing boat.

My second map ever. This is a simple 3cp map.

Pretty sure the only custom content here is the boat from Watergate. Had to go through shiteloads of trouble just for an effin' boat.


2016-02-07_00001.jpg 2016-02-07_00002.jpg 2016-02-07_00003.jpg 2016-02-07_00004.jpg 2016-02-07_00005.jpg 2016-02-07_00006.jpg
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. A4 Real Shifted Around Some Stuff

    Changelog: NEW SPAWN: -Spawn is no longer in the large building between mid and point, rather behind the large wall behind point, where it exits inside the side point building and on the other far side of the point -Spawn is actually normal...
  2. A3 Changed Some Stuff Around

    Changelog: GAMEPLAY: -Last points now cap 3 times a slow as before (cap rate now equivalent to 5cp second/fourth CPs) SPAWN: -Moved spawn entities into a new second floor with a drop down and arrows (but left the resupply downstairs), so...
  3. A2 Is a Go

    Changelog: GENERAL: -Gamemode is now 3cp instead of 2cp -Mid caps like a normal 5cp mid; slowly, and last caps like a normal 5cp map; quickly MID: -Mid now has an actually midpoint (with cover walls) -Boat has been moved into the boathouse -The...