Distill a11

A downhill KotH map with various quirks, such as the two-story capture point

  1. Revamping mid

    Added scaffolding and walkways around mid building
    Replaced two weird exits on top floor with one hole in wall
    Made stairs to second floor less stupid
    Added barriers n' stuff to block super sniper sightlines
    Comes with complimentary railings, free of charge
  2. Closed some open space up, harder to push into enemy territory

    Added a flatbed truck in open space ramp platform and mid building
    Widened ramp platform, removing side route. Added barrier to obscure long sightline.
  3. Some pack placement changes n stuff

    If the balance turns out good in this version I'll probably start working on the skybox and environment.
  4. Huge massive update with lots of changes and stuff

    Big list o' changes

    • Now there's a big ol' dam, and an overlooking area behind the center building (with deathpit)
    • Redid mid building; stairs to second floor are now outside, second floor is open, building is less wide
    • Fenced in the whole map to look better and remove useless open space
    • Removed roof and cover on top of point
    • Added cargo loading area and flatbed truck w/ container in near-spawn building complex
    • Moved health and ammo inside the truck container,...
  5. Gameplay/Balance Changes

    • Lowered point capture time from 12 seconds to 8 seconds
    • Widened capture area by 32 HU on all sides
    • Increased size of second level capture platform, but decreased the size of the cover
    • Split the second floor doorway of the point-side building into two doorways to open it up and fix the door glitch.
    • Widened the front of the wooden structure, shrank the back. This makes it easier to get into the structure without being targeted by enemies.
    • Shrank the side-tunnels of...
  6. More underwater tunnels! Also everything is textured now.

    The sheds now have tunnels under them that connect to the center of the map.
  7. Finally hopefully maybe fixed packing issue

    Used VIDE, this better have fixed it
  8. Some tweaks

    Changed ramps to stairs, fixed cone lighting, changed the stair system in the central building. Added some railings so you don't fall down the stairs :engieyay:
  9. Packing construction content

    I really hope this fixes the missingtextures.
  10. Fixed dynamite

    Now it explodes with bullets too.