dieseledrock a4

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dieseledrock a4

de poynt abof de trem

A koth map probably on a train junction of sorts.
The train moves from one side to another after the point is capped. Because I wouldn't be myself If I haven't done anything such.
Joseph joestar
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. hhHHmmmMMmm I don't know

    - added a ... something above the point (maybe to prevent people flying) - train route is now too high to climb to (makes it sorta one-way) - balcony deleted, since noone used it. - some brush adjustment Now. Probably this will not work. but I...
  2. mid is new. sort of

    The mid was quite overhauled: - the left route is direclty below the train now - slight changes were made to the right side - the train has a dirt wagons between flatcar and normal wagons. They're slightly smaller so it's harder to jump from them...
  3. small changes

    -some train changes (1 flatcar instead of 2) -the low route was widened, while the left route was... thinned? (I don't know what word should I use) -the train and the point were slightly lowered - annoying blockades under the point were deleted -...