Deadsky A7

5CP Project

  1. Mid and 2nd changes

    This update has:
    - Less walls around 2nd so it's not too cramped.
    - Battlements between mid and 2nd have been lowered and changed.
    - New building near 2nd.
    - New route to mid.
    - Fixed stairs at mid.
  2. Last simplified

    I made:
    - Last have more space and control point is further from the spawn.
    - A new route you can take around last.
    - Mid has walls to hopefully block sightlines.
    - Tweaked light env.
    - Health and ammo tweaks and more.
  3. Changed last and mid.

    - Mid is more open and removed prop jumps to one of the routes.
    - Last is changed to have better height for the defending team.
    - New route out of last to add better height for the defending team.
    - Ammo/health moved/added around the map.
  4. More than one route

    Few changes are:

    - Made 2 more routes leading to last.
    - Changed lighting and skybox (no skeletals pls)
    - Nudged last point foward a bit.

    I would like testing for this...
  5. Underground Revamp

    Changes are:
    - Increase cover in 2nd.
    - Revamped underground to only go to 2nd. The old ways to access the underground have been blocked off.
    - Mid changes for less height advantage.
    - Added little building near the cliff in 2nd.
    - Lowered and colored lighting on last. (Yes and spawnroom is bigger)
    - SUPER VERY NICE 3D ARROW. (That fades in and out) On the rock I added in 2nd.

    Now I'm update faster because no skoo.
  6. A Update

    Yes, some changes.
    Now looks like the way it was meant to.
    - Made 2nd much smaller and HOPEFULLY made the point more prominent.
    - Changed last and last spawn to resemble to other 5cp lasts.
    - Changed mid for more height variation.
    - Destroy completely the giant flank routes to simplify layout to prevent confusion (maybe)
    - Grass change.
    - Moved all spawns a little because of above changes.
  7. Big Update

    Many many changes
    Most were based off Inqwel's feedback:

    Some notable changes:
    - Reworked last.
    - Grass area has way more stuff.
    - Mid slightly changed.
    - Merged flank routes to 2nd and invented new battlements.
    - Tweaked light_env.
  8. Changed last and last spawn area mainly.

    Changelog A2:
    - Added a fence in grass area to shorten the size a little.
    - Changed where last spawn is and closed the original area up.
    - Added dynamic 1-way flank doors that open when 2nd to last is captured.
    - Added barricade after capping 2nd to last to prevent people running the wrong way.
    - Fixed skybox so less of the map renders.

    (plz i need more help on the overscaled grass place)