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Davanti A3

3 CP attack/defend with some ideas from TFC Avanti

  1. Gadget
    Avanti has been one of my favourite TFC maps so I've finally come around to try its layout in a TF2 map - with various changes, though. Let's see how it plays.

    Performance is a bit terrible in some areas since there's no area portals or visleaf optimization, yet.


    1. cp_davanti_a30000.jpg
    2. cp_davanti_a30001.jpg
    3. cp_davanti_a30002.jpg
    4. cp_davanti_a30003.jpg
    5. cp_davanti_a30004.jpg
    6. cp_davanti_a30005.jpg
    7. cp_davanti_a30006.jpg
    8. cp_davanti_a30007.jpg
    9. cp_davanti_a30008.jpg
    10. cp_davanti_a30009.jpg
    11. cp_davanti_a30010.jpg