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Dark Roads rc9

Welcome to your doom!

  1. Changes

    - Added back wheel of doom with resolved the dance scene
    - Built a completely new area for the dance scene
    - Players receive a healthboost when they exit from dance area
    - Removed the merasmus spell system
    - Removed ghosts that spawn upon capping a point
    - Changed some of the spells in hell to respawn
    - Fixed some merasmus talks overlapping
    - Fixed couple of prop fades happening too early
    - Fixed few doors touching concrete
    - Fixed another rooftop having walkable edge
    - Fixed few lights...
  2. rc8

    - Removed Wheel of Doom and it's effects from the map due not being able to disable the dance event off from it.
    - Added Merasmus spell system that replaces wheel of doom, spells are now triggered after every point capture
    - Merasmus now greets players on round start after the counter has passed and announces the spells during caps
    - Enhanced lighting on 2nd capture points to more team colored, RED and BLU
    - Removed HHH, because it seemed to hate BLU team more than the RED by going more to...
  3. Nearly done

    - Added animated arrow prop to player spawn area, telling players dynamically which direction should they take, based on if shortcut to mid is open or not. Shorter route is open when MID point of the map is owned by the team.
    - Added a bit more halloween decorations to the map
    - Fixed non-existing soundscape issue in Hell purgatory area
    - Optimized map more
    - Overall fixes and improvements
  4. Another update

    - Removed Merasmus boss for several reasons:
    -- Map hasnt got enough open space for merasmus to operate correctly
    -- Merasmus can go into hiding and is very hard to find within the timelimit that is hardcoded into the game
    -- Merasmus middle of the map bomb spread event makes him go inside a wall and not seen after that
    -- Merasmus didn't respect the preferred bot move area so it went to places where it was unwelcome
    -- Killing it and seeing the Hell area proved to be very difficult for the...
  5. Just another update


    - Changed map theme to bit more green'ish
    - Adjusted railing placements in both spawn areas
    - Fixed merasmus starting count from 3-1 to 5-1
    - Fixed wrong textures in certain places
    - Fixed BLU having red wardrobe models in spawn
    - Removed doors that opened slowly - players now decide where they want to go freely
    - Miscellaneous changes and fixes here and there
    - Updated screenshots on workshop page
    - Fixed bots running to closed doors
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