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Dark Roads rc9

Welcome to your doom!

  1. ics
    Welcome to your doom! Dark Roads is a 5CP map where you must capture all points to win! You shall be met by horrors of the halloween, which arise either when you cap points or by the creepy time-telling clockwork tower! Wheel of Doom will provide you unwanted entertainment with skeletons, ghosts and other ghastly monsters!

    This is a 1/2 of the halloween maps i planned to do this year and you can play this right now by connecting to that runs the map 24/7!

    This is still unfinished, though pretty close to final so please report all bugs you find here. Thanks!

    Map halloweened by ICS
    Original map Cross Roads by jpr (You know him as Jonah here)
    Cauldron boil, pop and Skull fire eye particle effects by Exactol
    Cauldron modeling by Sheltr

    Have fun!


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