Dan (Grifball) a5

Grifball made from a mix of Medieval and P.A.S.S. Time

  1. a5

    Diva Dan
    After some careful consideration, I decided to make the map medic only instead of heavy only. I had a lot of fun watching the replay where Egan had everybody play heavy as well as other classes, and I had to agree with him on what he said. Heavy as it stands is a one dimensional character in this mode, where you just smack people. You also can't take advantage of any sightlines. Medic feels much better, because his crossbow and melee combined make for a more meaningful...
  2. wrong version number

    Diva Dan
    wrong version number
  3. Update

    Diva Dan
    Thanks to Egan last map test went really really well. I'm super thankful for him telling everyone to play Heavy when it didn't work, and even trying different classes like all Medic or all Sniper. Very nice of you : )

    After watching the demo, I was tempting to make it medic only, but I was afraid that it would take away from the original intention of it being a grifball remake. I understand how melee only heavy is fairly one dimension while medic is much more complicated in that he has a...
  4. Nevermind

    Diva Dan
    Thank you for bearing through that awful playtest if you were part of it

    Apparently, once you turn pointservercommands on on your client and disable it after, it still carries over the effects, so I thought you could still use clientcommands. I was mistaken, and the map was totally broken

    I'm going to go over the feedback given with reasons why I will/won't go through with them. Click the spoiler- I respond to almost every one of the 18 comments

    "i dont know where the bonus goal...
  5. Very important fixes

    Diva Dan
    • Uber now works in a zone instead of being based on time (area infront of spawn and up the ramp are safe)
    • The jack respawns when it falls in the pit
    • Can't take the jack into spawn
    • Jack bounces off of the spawn entrance
  6. Fixes

    Diva Dan
    • Fixed being able to charge out of spawn as demoman to skip the interval that changes your class
    • Clipped stairs
    • Uber is more predictable- you get 3 seconds of uber leaving spawn instead of 5 seconds the moment you spawn