1. b8

    after a long downtime it's finally back.

    -adjusted some sightlines spanning from lobby spawn to battlements
    -reworked the dropdown room to have a stairway instead
    -overpass above the flank fence is now accessible and can be splashed through the grates.
    -changed the shape of the point in order to combat "ninja capping"
    -added a small ammo pack behind point under battlements
    -staircase outside of right spawn made w i d e r

    -added and removed various barrelcrate props to represent their teams' colour better
    -(hopefully) made some inaccessible roofs obvious
    -rethemed the capture point
    -a team coloured spotlight emits from the point when captured

    next up are 3d skybox, new skybox (currently budget tatooine) and edits to the korean signs, these have been sent to me already but im too lazy.
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