Cuisine a19

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Cuisine a19

PassTime on a smaller map with other balance experiments.

Cuisine (PASS TIME)
by Egan

Currently: a19

This map comes from pd_cuisine but has been altered to be smaller and faster for teams to hit the front-line battle after respawning. There is a dispenser attached to the jack for whichever team holds it, and to capture a ball you need to capture the enemy control point before the zone is enabled (before subsequently being reset after the goal).

Capture the jack in the enemy goal 3 times to win.

Follow the development of the map with my youtube playlist of patch notes and thoughts: Link.
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Pass Time

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Latest updates

  1. a19 - HazardStrips

    Changes from a18: - Added hazardstrip tape to where the boundaries that change spawn times are. - Made it so if the round ends and a team is in the lead scores-wise the round skips overtime. Overtime now only happens if team scores are equal.
  2. a18 - Theme

    Changes from a14: - Top route to bypass choke / mid sightlines. Has small healthpack. - Minor changes to sightlines from low sewer entrance to cap area. - Started theming the map with textures, probably 80% done that, detailing overall like 20%...
  3. a14

    Changes from a7: - reduced defender respawn time by 3 seconds (when jack is near your base). - made the 'jack is near your base' trigger's position less arbitrary, now is on top of geometry. - added a sound cue when the jack exits / enters your...

Latest reviews

Glad to see someone working on passtime. Will keep an eye on this map.