Cuisine a19

PassTime on a smaller map with other balance experiments.

  1. Egan
    Cuisine (PASS TIME)
    by Egan

    Currently: a19

    This map comes from pd_cuisine but has been altered to be smaller and faster for teams to hit the front-line battle after respawning. There is a dispenser attached to the jack for whichever team holds it, and to capture a ball you need to capture the enemy control point before the zone is enabled (before subsequently being reset after the goal).

    Capture the jack in the enemy goal 3 times to win.

    Follow the development of the map with my youtube playlist of patch notes and thoughts: Link.

Recent Updates

  1. a19 - HazardStrips
  2. a18 - Theme
  3. a14

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: a3
    Glad to see someone working on passtime. Will keep an eye on this map.