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  1. ProfHappycat

    72hr burgah b2

    a "standard" pd map made for the 72hr jam, started on day 2 with about 45 hours on the clock. used to be a weird invade ctf/pd hybrid last 72hr update: 14:45:40 (quote from Jerma)
  2. Egan

    Infinite b8

    Infinite (CAPTURE POINT) by Egan Currently: Beta 8 Overview: This is a 5cp a/d mannpower map set in the city of Columbia from Bioshock Infinite. Blue starts at the lighthouse below the city and when setup is over they can launch up through the clouds and progressively push deeper into the city...
  3. Egan

    Cuisine a19

    Cuisine (PASS TIME) by Egan Currently: a19 Overview: This map comes from pd_cuisine but has been altered to be smaller and faster for teams to hit the front-line battle after respawning. There is a dispenser attached to the jack for whichever team holds it, and to capture a ball you need to...
  4. Egan

    Venice v3e

    Originally made in late 2011, updated to my current standards. The map contains an arena surf which holds the jail, a pro surf leading to the skybox, and two challenge areas: surf and an obstacle course - each with their own specific rewards. There are two capture points but capturing them do...