ctf_Covid19 (April Fools 2020) a2

We need 420 rolls of TP before we can be truly safe from Covid19.

  1. Egan

    Face the horror of buying TOILET PAPER from a crowded grocery store during the Covid19 pandemic.

    The shelves go empty very quickly, but a random row will be restocked every ~2 minutes.

    Coming in contact with the hat-bat flying around the center of the store will infect you will Covid19, a plague you can spread by coming in contact / meleeing enemy players! Once you respawn you cannot reinfect yourself from the source.

    Thanks @14bit for the secret early playtest of _a1.


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Recent Reviews

  1. RSatobin
    Version: a2
    This map is pretty funny, a little anticlimactic when you do get all the TP you need and I could see the cramped aisles becoming a bit of an issue in actual competitive play. I'd probably enjoy playing it with randoms, though. I do have to wonder why the Mercs don't just shoot the Covid-carrying bat-hat down and end the disease that way, though.
  2. Mathtriqueur
    Version: a2
    I like it a lot. Better job to recreate the toilet paper craze than I ever could. Only issue is how the rows makes the map feel a bit tight due to limit options for a straight line but I understand that modify it too much would not make it work and creating something else like a stand area would be too hard to balance. 4.6 imo, thus 5 stars.