Cuisine a19

PassTime on a smaller map with other balance experiments.

  1. a19 - HazardStrips

    Changes from a18:
    - Added hazardstrip tape to where the boundaries that change spawn times are.
    - Made it so if the round ends and a team is in the lead scores-wise the round skips overtime. Overtime now only happens if team scores are equal.
  2. a18 - Theme

    Changes from a14:
    - Top route to bypass choke / mid sightlines. Has small healthpack.
    - Minor changes to sightlines from low sewer entrance to cap area.
    - Started theming the map with textures, probably 80% done that, detailing overall like 20% done!

    Relevant video from the dev series:

  3. a14

    Changes from a7:
    - reduced defender respawn time by 3 seconds (when jack is near your base).
    - made the 'jack is near your base' trigger's position less arbitrary, now is on top of geometry.
    - added a sound cue when the jack exits / enters your base - affects your respawn time.
    - added a route from capturepoint to the high route that also blocks a sniper sightline to the spawn door.
    - nerfed high sniper position on mid, also nerfed a sentrygun spot near the chokepoint.
    - added minor detail....
  4. a7

    Current stable version. Needs more testing.

    Changes from a3:
    - dramatically increased respawn times when ball was in your zone. new times are 6 for attackers, 12 for defenders.
    - ball always has an outline now. it's a bit buggy but it's the best I could come up with at the moment.
    - everyone will respawn when the ball is capped instead of just the people who had capped.
    - opened a window at mid to let players who went high for first fight interact with objective quicker.
    - made that one...