ctf_turrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbine fix3

Turbine but 48 extra Turbines were added in

  1. Whomobile
    Inspired by a comment left on a video for cp_orange_50f_tower_v6, ctf_turrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbine (that’s 17 rs, one for every 3 turbines) is everyone’s favorite capture the flag map but with an additional 48 turbines put in, coming to a grand total of 51 turbines between RED and BLU base.

    That’s pretty much it.

    I made Turbine better.

    Original ctf_turbine is by flobster
    turrrrrrrrbinepic1.jpg turrrrrrrrbinepic2.jpg turrrrrrrrbinepic3.jpg turrrrrrrrbinepic4.jpg turrrrrrrrbinepic5.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. ldr lighting added