Casserole rc2

{Inset Cracklife reference here}

  1. Whomobile

    A Mystery contact has asked BLU to deliver a Casserole to a microwave in the borderworld Xen. Sadly during transportation the beloved scientist Dr Walter has become stuck in the Casserole but the mission must go on! Now it's up to RED to save Walter's life before he becomes a Casserole Cataclysm!

    - Push the Casserole to the Microwave!

    - Dont fall!

    - Looks out of Walter's evil twin and the Gman!

    - Avoid the Houndeyes!

    casserole_0000_Layer 7.jpg casserole_0001_Layer 6.jpg casserole_0002_Layer 5.jpg casserole_0004_Layer 3.jpg

    My entry for this year's TF2maps April Fools contest, I called it rc1 but it's more like a mid/late beta to be honest, in this case rc stands for:

    Can't be bothered to work on this map anymore right now


    1. casserole_0003_Layer 4.jpg
    2. casserole_0005_Layer 2.jpg
    3. casserole_0006_Layer 1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Jack5
    Version: rc1 (kinda)
    The overall theme and gimmicks are great, but class balance is off and the last few points are impossible to defend. The RED team should have the teleportation advantage and not the BLU team.
  2. DrSquishy
    Version: rc1 (kinda)
    This is a great map. We need more maps like this; I must continue to torture people who still haven't realised the houndeyes explode
  3. savvaisnotagirlolbbq
    Version: rc1 (kinda)
    Reminds me of the 'lost TF2 maps of 2008', where it was all hosted on a Gamespy, and never to be seen again.