ctf_pulp_machine a8

Because nothing says "Capture the Flag" like building an australium isotope bomb in the enemy base.

  1. aesthetics (and some other things)

    -lowered some sections of the rooves in the lobby (soldiers still found it easy to rocket jump inside the lobby from one side to the other with intelligence)
    - fixed an oversight where players would be unable to grab the intel if the current holder was killed while standing over the capture point door if it was open
    - added computers to the basement (in a few situations, they can be jumped on to maneuver around, especially in combat)
    - added small awnings to the doors (this change is...
  2. fixed the skybox

  3. hmm... playable...

    - added a timer to the cap points (players found it far too easy to simply make a run for the capture point. this new capture system makes it easier for the defending team to take the intelligence, and harder for attackers to simply send a scout or soldier to take the intel and stand on the point,)
    - added a ramp to the courtyard (once again, this makes it easier to defend.)
    - added a window to the lobby walls facing mid (this allows attacking both defending players to get an idea...
  4. unfucking what i fucked up in the last update

    - added a roof to the left flanks (soldiers found it far too easy to simply pick up the intelligence and rocket jump through the flank into the capture zone.)
    - the clipping on the stairs are back!
    - removed textures from some of the brush faces that you can't see
    - added a building

    NOTICABLE ISSUES (note that most of these apply to 6v6 competitive games and probably wouldn't apply to casual or highlander as much):
    - same problem with the snipers as last update, but i will test it...
  5. the update in which i begin to communicate more about existing issues with the map

    - removed doors on the battlements (idk people said engineer is too strong lol)
    - changed full health packs in basement to medium health packs (badly hurt players on mid could too easily fully heal with very little effort.)
    - added crates on mid (players can use them as cover, especially from snipers. scouts (with double jumps) and pyros (with flarejumps) can also use them to get up onto the rooves.)
    - added stairs to the left of the rooves (ditto to the crates, minus them being...
  6. changes. bigger changes.

    -added tunnels near mid
    -added flank/choke area on the side where big health packs used to be
    -changed ammo and health pack placements
    -raised skybox
  7. improvements

    just little changes
    mostly to the cap zone
  8. refined logic

    messed with respawn times and improved flag logic