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a4 changelog:

- added a set of hoppers over mid
this blocks sightlines between the battlements. players should be more encouraged to fight at closer ranges.
- adjusted sewers
sewers now bring you closer to the front of the base instead of next to the intel room. defenders should now be able to use the connecting area as a choke.
the sewers no longer contain a dropdown. the most likely capping classes could ignore it, anyway, so it was mostly useless.
- added a thing to yards
i had this visgrouped out. might as well see how it goes, i guess.
- added signage
- fixed trains getting stuck on dropped weapons and ammo packs
- fixed catching a lip at the end of the train tunnel letting you survive
- clipped off train entrance tunnel


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a3 changelog:

- removed a ramp in underground route, making it a oneway dropdown.
this was too effective an escape route for flag couriers. ideally, this route should only be a quick way in and maybe a viable forward hold location, at the expense of low ground and no retreat. a scout can still make the double jump - we'll see how this goes.
- lowered mid balconies a bit
- height adjustments to the walkway over yard/intel
i have a few ideas for how to change the yard areas, but i'd like to see how they play under heavier traffic first.
- added a small health kit and a bit more breathing room to the inset in the train tunnel wall
- lowered respawnwavetimes
- fixed some sprites on the blu intel train signal not turning off after a train passes
- fixed closing train gates not crushing players
- trains move a bit slower
- trains are sent out staggered and on a much shorter interval
- improved audio and visual cues for oncoming trains

a1 playtest was right at the end of a long microcontest gameday, and was a 7v7ish between fatigued players. no idea how this layout plays yet.