Space based Mannpower CTF map

  1. MrWhite007
    This is a CTF map I made specifically for the Mannpower mode. It has a lot of open areas which are great for grappling. I used a lot of textures from the Robot Destruction beta map, as I was going for an outer space theme. I would appreciate as much feedback as I can get, as I have been unable to test it with a lot of players.

    ctf_ceres_base 01.jpg ctf_ceres_base 02.jpg ctf_ceres_base 03.jpg ctf_ceres_base 04.jpg ctf_ceres_base 05.jpg ctf_ceres_base 07.jpg ctf_ceres_base 08.jpg ctf_ceres_base 09.jpg ctf_ceres_base 10.jpg ctf_ceres_base 11.jpg