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  1. P-4rio

    [PLR] Beachside a2a

  2. leezo

    Hellfire (Womannpower) a1a

    A gamemode swap of Hellfire to use Womannpower - an iteration of Mannpower that attempts to simplify the mode, and make it more fun! Custom content used: Sarexicus's improved grappling hooks
  3. Sonoma

    74x140x178 Staircase v74

    For when u need a 74x140 stair that has good ratoes i think
  4. santumerino

    On your way to... 2021-12-18

    never did anything in this sort of silhouette style before, it was fun to try it out download includes the image in 1920x1080 in red, blu and achievement colour schemes, with and without text
  5. *Turns into crocodile*

    turnsintocroc mc19 a1

  6. MrWhite007

    CTF Ceres Base 2

    This is a space themed Mannpower map for TF2. It's an update of a map I made several years ago. The bases have been totally re-designed and much more detail has been added.
  7. Gothic Organist

    cp_raised A1_2

    Mannpower/5cp hybrid map set in a Dutch city where you play on the rooftops and use your grappling hook to fly across the streets. The windmills on both sides are a dangerous landmark. Map plays like mannpower but CTF gameplay is replaced with 5CP. Falling onto the streets is lethal and you have...
  8. ethosaur

    ctf_hellpower 2021-08-04

    This was an old "goof around" mannpower halloween map I made back in 2015. It's not very balanced and a bit poorly optimized, but if you want to mess around, it may still be fun! The map is designed for Mannpower, It has a theme set in hell, where lava is a big obstacle. Use the the grappling...
  9. Ismaciodismorphus

    ismaciodismorphus_mc13 a1

    Pd/mannpower mix up results in horribleness this map used to be a really bad ctf map and it shows.
  10. Bakscratch

    GUMP RC2

    LORE The well-renowned petroleum drilling organization, GUMP (Global Unlicensed Manufacturing of Petroleum) located a new vein of extremely high-quality petroleum early Saturday morning. This vein located somewhere in the Southern Ocean could possibly generate billions of dollars’ worth of...
  11. The M

    Greed b3

    Koth_greed is a not-so-serious king of the hill and mannpower hybrid. The main gimmick is that there is a pit of gold in the middle which will drown you if you fall in, but has a crit powerup in the middle. This map was made to goof around on, so don't expect the highest of quality (although it...
  12. John_Galt_1957

    op_viaduct_event_v4 2020-12-02

    Cower Fools at the might of Chaos and Skill in an unperfect balance. This map has the following: 1. Bosses 2. An Underworld (Brazil) 3. Spells 4. PowerUps 5. Truces
  13. Funnystuf

    Funnystuf_mc9 a1

    Made for Microcontest #9: Buddy System! My buddy was Qualitycont, and our idea was basically "Mannpower in Space With a Route Where You Can Grapple On Asteroids" Here's the closest thing to a layout plan I drew Huge thanks to ISPuddy for their Mannpower prefab I basically ended up yoinking...
  14. BombaSticked

    Driveway a6d

    I've started making this map in May, now it's finally fixed and playable. Have fun!
  15. BombaSticked

    Smokeside a5d

    Ctf don't fit mannpower very well. This gamemode need more verticality, this is why I made this map.
  16. Starlook

    The OMM Group!

    Hello! I have a preposition for you all! I've started up a new group for TF2 mappers, portal mappers, and the rest of source! I'm posting here to gain followers for this group, a common group of people who share a passion for mapping for source and the more obscure TF2 gamemodes. Your presence...
  17. Makzutheamazing

    Balloon a1

    At one faithful day at 2am, I accidentally pressed the "alternative gamemodes" button while trying to search a casual game (because I was tired). And somehow, I ended up playing Mannpower. Turns out it was quite fun, and I wanted to make a Mannpower map after that. Inspired by balloon_race...
  18. Yoshark

    pd_oposing_factories a1

    A Player Destruction map with Mannpower elements. Mainly made as for me to test my ability to detail. Gameplay and Layout came second.
  19. hutty

    hyperline RC1c

    At an altitude so high and around terrain so treacherous the self sufficient Hyperline facility is only safely accessible by dirigible during the two least windy weeks of the year. Changelog: Initial detail pass implemented Reduced the size of many areas. Removed the tunnel route at mid...
  20. lopidav

    Flaw A4

    Here, on the planet ████ we have halfed the gravity! And then halfed it again! After that we took a look on another mannpower maps and laughed. They have deathpits AND grappling hooks. Ridiculous! So we switched a hole concept. Now we have death-all-that-not-a-pit! Do you want to get out of...