Multi Stage Crystal Canyon b18

An abandoned version of Cactus Canyon

  1. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah
    "RED Team wants to build a new base in the canyon, while BLU Team want to preserve it. As usual, the only way to settle this is with an explosion."

    An in-progress, still unfinished reskin of Cactus Canyon that "abandonifies" the map, which adds Flowers, Trees, crystals, grass...the list goes on!. All three stages have unique themes within them. Stage 1 is a temple/ construction themed stage. Stage 2 will be temple-based, and Stage 3 will have overgrown plants and stuff.

    Progress report:
    ----------Stage 1---------
    Mostly finished. A few buildings need retexturing to fit the theme.

    ----------Stage 2---------
    Unfinised: Buildings need to be replaced ()the granary drums WILL be replaced at some point. Need to also add aesthetic details too.

    ----------Stage 3----------
    Unfinished: See above. I have added models to the train, such as rockets and gravel containers.

    Bugs: Lots, considering this is in beta.
    - Water does not render properly
    - You can still see under the map in certain areas
    - Heavy optimisation needed (portals need to be added, as well as other stuff to save on disk space and run-map times.)

    Enjoy the map!


    1. screenshot.48.png

Recent Updates

  1. Added more aesthetics to Stage 2.