Crown RC1

A forest MvM map with lots of verticality

  1. The Warehouse Of All Time

    - Somewhat final Warehouse artpass done.
    - Decorated a building
    - Fleshed out background environment with some more sequoia trees.
    - Playerclipped various stairs to prevent money getting stuck underneath them.
    - Fixed fence moving the wrong way and not enough for Gate A.
    - Added various cover to Warehouse.
    - Some other smaller things no one will notice but that I sure did.


    1. crown_rc1_2.png
    2. crown_rc1_1.png
    3. crown_rc1_3.png
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  2. AE

    • Fixed props rendering or not rendering when they weren't or were. You know.
    • Patched one dev texture.
    • There's still some more to do, but I'm mostly confident with this one.
  3. BETA

    • It's detailed now
    • There's a bunch of small things that I've missed that I will get to, some dev textures and geo/props showing rendering errors. I will get to these, don't bug me with them.

    crown_beta1.png crown_beta2.png crown_beta3.png crown_beta4.png crown_beta5.png crown_beta6.png
  4. Geo

    • Various minor geometry additions to A point
    • Marked capture zone of A
    • Removed a variety of unused tank entities to free up edict perf
    • Outlined wave start relays in mission maker txt, including waves with non-timed bombs
    • Operation Deforestation now uses non-timed bombs
  5. Fixes (Reprise)

    • Fixed tank spawn
    • Bots shouldn't walk into a corner and get stuck anymore
  6. Progress

    • Fixed giants getting stuck in the main spawn.
    • Opened tank spawn for robots, use spawnbot_tank_0 for this spawn.
    • Brightened middle pathway to improve player eyesight vs robots.
    • Added an awning below the front door that players can use to drop down safely without fall damage.
    • Smoothed clipping in a variety of places.
    • Operation Deforestation, a Sequoia mission from a year ago, has been added as a permanent addition to the map. It's also been slightly modified to...
  7. Fix

    • Fixed gatebot spawn persisting on map spawn
    • Navigation mesh tightened to smooth bot locomotion
  8. Begin

    • Additional robot spawn added
    • Some pickups adjusted
    • Provided mission maker file
    crown_screen1.png crown_screen2.png crown_screen3.png crown_screen4.png