Crasher rc8

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rc8 changelog:

- adjusted capture zone size.
- added VO heirarchy system to prevent queueing up too much garbage.
- improved round end VO.
- end of round VO clears the current VO queue.
- fixed giant triggers being too high up to hit players that crouched as they became giant.
- fixed several issues with the cart dispenser attached to giants.
- fixed flag outlines being visible while stowed out of bounds during laser sequences.
- fixed console errors for invade ctf sounds.
- fixed various small logic oversights.
rc7 changelog:

the rebalancing in rc6 was a huge success, leading to faster and more dynamic gameplay. :)

- added a sheltered spot with medium ammo to the left of the gates to encourage stronger defense of the entire yard area.
- added a cart dispenser to giants - they and their nearby allies receive health and ammo.
- rebalanced announcer audio
- fixed an issue where capturing would kill the enemy giant. mixed up a failsafe in rc6, oops!
- streamlined some flag logic
rc6 changelog:

rebalanced giants, emphasising their roles as couriers:
- healing reverted to 25%
- speed nerf dropped to 25%
- giants now take 25% knockback instead of 0
- new giants are ubered for 4 seconds
- playercount-scaling damage resistances removed

- moved some pickups at last
- added some signage at upper mid to guide giants
- fixed a bug in VO logic
- fixed a place you could explode in spawn
rc5 changelog:

- added custom announcer lines for RED team, voiced by the talented Benjamoose.
- added gargoyle spawn locations.
- fixed an issue where some Giant attributes would persist after a round-winning capture.
- fixed a logic issue with flag ready and giant progress nag lines.
- fixed some collision issues.
- detail adjustments.
rc4 changelog:

- added the first half of custom announcers!
take down giants to the unhinged tones of Doctor Freakinhuge (coming soon!) and Professor Bigginsize, voiced by the talented Benjamoose.
both teams currently use blu's announcer - we wanted to ship this update sooner rather than later to get out the following bugfixes.
- fixed the crusader's crossbow ignoring giant heal rate debuff.
- adjusted giant heal rate from 25% up to 50% to compensate.
- fixed giant medics being able to move faster than intended by healing teammates.
- tweaked several things to do with VO triggers and onscreen text alerts
rc3 changelog:

- fixed some issues with flag drop detection that caused giants to die/not die at the wrong times.
- added voice responses for classes when becoming giant.
rc2 changelog:

- fixed giants being able to move faster than intended by using automove taunts. we can't touch the taunt speed itself, so instead giants that move while taunting are kicked out of the taunt.
- fixed giants not being killed when dropping the flag while ubercharged
- fixed being able to trap giants by building a teleporter over the flag
- increased size of capture zone trigger
- reduced visual issues when killbinding as a giant while the laser is still ascending. because of how this is all set up, it can't look perfect. mitts off your binds, folks
- giant footfalls are now appropriately loud. stomp stomp stomp stomp
- small visual adjustments
- added mission briefing photos
- performance improvements:
-- added propfades
-- added occluders
- improved prop shadows, particularly around foliage
- fixed utility pole brackets being rotated wrong
- smoothed out RED skybox castle lighting
- fixed a displacement snag near the full health kits
- several other minor fixes

next version will include fixes to several gameplay bugs.
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b1 changelog:
- artpass!
- some balancing things!
- logic improvements!
- pumpkin bombs!

lots to do for b2. stay tuned :)
aint got a 3dsky in yet just wanna make sure shit works