cp_windfall a7

A symmetrical 5cp map intended for 6v6 competitive play.

  1. a7: Spawn door fix & choke thing

    Changelog: a6 to a7

    Choke is a tiny bit higher.
    Made it easier to realize you can't shoot above the metal beam

    BUG FIX:
    Fixed the game-breaking shutter door bug on last.

    Personal comment:
    Hopefully these this version has no gamebreaking bugs. I'm aware that the roofs on mid and last may be hard to realize which of them you can't stand on, but I'll work on that for the beta version. You just have to test it for now.
  2. Spawn Time Fix!

    Fixed being able to stand on some shutter doors, and the cap times.
  3. Change from feedback

  4. a4 update

    A lot changed. I made a2 and a3 with quite large breaks in between them. The most recent version is a4 which took me a year to even get started on. More details in the tftv thread.