cp_tomo A4

A vividly coloured single stage Attack/Defend CP map set in a rural Japanese port town

  1. map is short pt 5'8"

    I dinne ken

    It's so tiny!

    • Added struts to the ceilings of the buildings with interiors
    • Hopefully added spawn times that were good for the spawns they were in. If they even work at all, they are hard to know if they are there.
    • Added some more cover around A point for both teams to use
    • Changed Blue spawn - A so its 256 units shorter
    • Changed A-B so its 256 units shorter
    • Changed B-C so its 256 units shorter
    • Changed the long flank from blue...
  2. A3

    I dinne ken

    A3 babyee!

    • Added gutters
    • Added more signs directing people to the points, they are now all in the style of cp_onsen (apart from one, which has to be a prop)
    • Added 2 more side routes to C, as it seemed hard to flank around
    • Added an interior to a building next to A so engies can have more cover for their sentries in return for it being shot at easier from certain angles
    • Added a full ammo pack to that building
    • Added More cover to the scaffolding around B...
  3. A2

    I dinne ken
    Hopefully, I got the logic working this time.

    • Added windows to the first blue spawn
    • Added a new route to A
    • Added more signs that hopefully better direct people to the points
    • Added a van for cover and break up sightlines to red's first spawn
    • Added cranes around the pier