cp_tomo A4

A vividly coloured single stage Attack/Defend CP map set in a rural Japanese port town

  1. map is short pt 5'8"

    I dinne ken

    It's so tiny!

    • Added struts to the ceilings of the buildings with interiors
    • Hopefully added spawn times that were good for the spawns they were in. If they even work at all, they are hard to know if they are there.
    • Added some more cover around A point for both teams to use
    • Changed Blue spawn - A so its 256 units shorter
    • Changed A-B so its 256 units shorter
    • Changed B-C so its 256 units shorter
    • Changed the long flank from blue spawn to A / the path to B so that there is less of a sightline and it's also simpler
    • Removed the unused flank/high ground around the long flank from blue spawn to A
    • Removed the unused planks on top of the market (I liked those ); )
    • Removed an op sniper spot on the planks
    • Removed some unused space near the edge of the map that doesn't effect gameplay
    • Removed an unused flank/high ground that the planks led to near B
    • I could possibly make A-B shorter still, though I don't know if I could make any other part of the map shorter.
    • Add AC units only, telephone poles and their wires look cluttered and also fuck with the engine if there are too many of them
    • I could move back red's first spawn if it's too close to A
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