cp_tomo A4

A vividly coloured single stage Attack/Defend CP map set in a rural Japanese port town

  1. A3

    I dinne ken

    A3 babyee!

    • Added gutters
    • Added more signs directing people to the points, they are now all in the style of cp_onsen (apart from one, which has to be a prop)
    • Added 2 more side routes to C, as it seemed hard to flank around
    • Added an interior to a building next to A so engies can have more cover for their sentries in return for it being shot at easier from certain angles
    • Added a full ammo pack to that building
    • Added More cover to the scaffolding around B
    • Added some pretty lanterns to the route to the Flanks around C, will add more around the map
    • Resized the map so B-C is 256 units shorter
    • Changed the capture time of B from 5 seconds to 10, as I felt it was too short
    • Changed the scaffolding around B point, so now the route around the back of B has 2 entrances and it's prettier.
    • Changed the textures of the spawns so they can be more easily identifiable, and also make navigating the map a bit easier
    • Changed the layout of the connecting routes between Blue spawn and A so more of it could tactically be used
    • Made the map 50 lighter, should help with the darkness problem
    • Made A-B 256 units shorter
    • Made the stairs from the beach to the higher ground closer
    • Removed an unused flank from A-B
    • Removed an unused flank near B (both so unused that you won't even know they've gone
    • Removed some unused planks from B's scaffolding to an area before C point
    • Removed an annoying sightline from Blue's forward spawn to very close to C
    • I could possibly make B-C 256 units shorter again if need be
    • Add telephone Poles and air conditioning units
    • After the connect5 contest is done I may ask for the firework assets to be released from pl_effigy
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