cp_shedway a4

A control point maps with sheds, garages, and that sort of thing.

  1. Alpha 2

    Alpha 2 Update (03/30/19):

    + Added angled walls to the hallways behind the second point
    + Increased the size of the central control point
    + Added more cover to the central point
    + Increased the size of the second control point
    + Added experimental tonemap, hopefully reducing how bright the map is on systems with HDR enabled
    + Added playerclip brushes to a stack of crates to help prevent players from getting caught on them
    + Added a crate to access the second point easier
    + Added some clipping to walkway supports
    + Added clip brushes to prevent players from getting caught on a fence
    * Moved location of first forward spawn
    * Moved ramp to balcony
    * Fixed clipping issues with several staircases
    * Made the light above the center point non-solid
    * Adjusted pieces of scrap metal at the final point
    * Rotated initial player spawns so players no longer start facing a wall
    * Altered large health pack to a medium one
    * Rotated and moved Satellite props to reduce how much they protruded into the playable area
    - Removed wall from lower hallway, opening it to final point
    - Reduced size of balcony
    - Removed the doorframe models
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