Past 72hr Jam Entry cp_sentriza a5

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Past 72hr Jam Entry cp_sentriza a5

A 72hr 5CP

A 5cp map for the winter 2016 TF2Jam

a1 is the latest version of the jam.
Construction Zombie
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

More downloads from Construction Zombie

Latest updates

  1. a5 update

    "Only seen on TV, can't be bought anywhere else" Last is, for the most part, completely different enlarged mid slightly more routes for mid-divider to mid more routes for 2nd to mid-divider moved around pickups
  2. a4 update

    Changes, big and little alike. New mid, completely different new camera locations many other small adjustments
  3. a3 update

    a handful of changes, mostly near mid changed mid (subtly smaller now, too) added upstairs area in building between mid and 2nd added route, attackers have a basement leading from right staircase to last.