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RED invented a time machine, activated by the control point.

  1. zahndah
    Made for the dynamic cp contest

    RED engineer has made a time machine that can teleport everyone up to 3 months into the future. Blu wants to stop this and have decided, the best way to stop it is to age it.

    1 stage 4cp a/d map where whenever the point is captured, the season changes. Perhaps a tree will fall, or a wall will crack. Or even a giant snow drift will reach the rooftops.

    In pre atm, logic is not set up (so the point isnt cappable there is no hud or timer and the paths dont change.

    To do list:
    -Clip rooftops
    -encase map better
    -make red base nicer
    -add some props (some staircases / things i forgot. E.G red base only has 1 exit, not the 3 it should have).
    -add pickups
    -fix mid elevators
    -get screenies
    -stuff n' things

    Just wanted to get this out there so i can fix some things you (might) find for a1.
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