cp_pitted a1

A 3cp map with a design style inspired by Powerhouse and Turbine.

  1. level 100 pidgey
    Hi this is my first map designed around a vanilla gamemode. Powerhouse and Turbine are 2 of my most favourite maps, so I thought i'd have a go with making a 3CP map that has a similar feel of Powerhouse and Turbine combined to create one stalemate fest map.

    Screenshots - http://imgur.com/a/DPlKe (link incase uploads mess up).

    20170806032605_1.jpg 20170806032329_1.jpg 20170806032342_1.jpg 20170806032403_1.jpg 20170806032417_1.jpg 20170806032427_1.jpg 20170806032439_1.jpg 20170806032523_1.jpg 20170806032533_1.jpg