cp_Pika A13

My first playtest-able 5CP map focused on a fun, creative, and balanced gaming experience

  1. A few changes

    Pika_A13 Changes:
    - The train on last against the wall has been replaced by a platform for better vision of the right window and lower area from point.

    - Big door area on second has been changed geometrically to hopefully create more interesting fights as well as remove some concrete textures.

    - Mid has a small crate to the right upon entering from the valley area for scouts to take high ground

    - I replaced the dump truck on mid with concrete blocks because the dumptruck is hard to jump on
  2. First Texture Pass Attempt

    This is my first attempt at texturing a map of mine. Beyond the textures and some detailing here and there, the mid point rocks have been lowered, and the second point roof above forward spawn has been reshaped.
  3. Big Update!

    - Changed the theme of the map a bit (work in progress)

    - Changed mid entirely cause I wanted to

    - Made a few changes on second, the biggest being a larger roof extending above the forward spawn now. The bridge was lowered slightly and the second point capture area is smaller.

    - Last point has some cover by the lower area now and the barriers next to the point were lowered

    Have fun! Please keep me posted on any issues that arise. 20211122135858_1.jpg 20211122140620_1.jpg ...
  4. A9 Update

    - Added small route between lobby and computer area towards last point

    - Squished the whole map width-wise

    - The wings of mid were changed to hopefully allow for more control of the area
  5. Some Screenshots



    1. 20210622122148_1.jpg
    2. 20210622122240_1.jpg
    3. 20210622122416_1.jpg
    4. 20210622122500_1.jpg
    5. 20210622122600_1.jpg