cp_Pika A13

My first playtest-able 5CP map focused on a fun, creative, and balanced gaming experience

  1. Puka
    This map was built with the intention of being played competitively (though I don't see why casual players would not enjoy it either). I designed it with the hope of creating fun ways for each class to approach aggressing and defending each point through the different natures of entrances and exits.

    Thematically, the map is still loose and fluid... It being my very first playtest-able map, it is also the first map I've attempted to texture, so bear with me.

    So far the map tests in my pugging server have gone pretty well; people seem to like it. I've also got a koth map called koth_Ration, go check it out!

    Any notes on my maps are greatly appreciated.

    Have fun!


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