cp_overcross_beta b1

a 3 point map inside a canyon

  1. TuTuR Siwel


    This map is actually a multyplayable version of my one side map .
    i made this version very quickly for get some feedback on the overall game play , so keep in mind that this version is far away from its final version and that it only exist for get feedback and upgrade to a funier stage and get better gameplay ellements .

    cp_overcross is a 3 point map inside a canyon . It's acctually the realy first map i have ever done that's why this map is pretty badly optimise ,
    but i think i did a pretty good job for the moment . i will optimise and decorate the map once i add all the gameplay ellement , for the map to be fun to play so any advice is welcome.
    i will start optimize the map as soon i have finish the overall layout .

    the purpose of this beta is only to have feed back so some known issu not will be fix for the moment .
    20160417135023_1.jpg 20160417135003_1.jpg

    ps: sorry for any english mistake , english is not my main language

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