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louise cheeze
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Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. The Rotation & 2nd Point Update

    * Rotated last by 45 degrees * Widened mid to be more comparable to other 5cp maps * Reduced the mid capture zone size * Widened the main choke at mid * Moved one of the upper routes to 2nd further to the outside * Moved the 2nd forward spawn *...
  2. The Connector Update 2

    * Widened connectors some more * Moved the mid crates further from the spire * Made the mid crates smaller * Removed bumps around mid * Slightly reduced spawn times for teams when defending last * Slightly extended the capture time for last *...
  3. The PUG Update 3

    * Removed and re-routed several routes on 2nd to reduce the number of doorways that defenders need to watch * Widened the concrete area in the main choke at mid * Added a car to the new garage area between 2nd and mid * Added blockbullets to the...