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louise cheeze
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Minor Fixes Update 2

    * Moved last back slightly * Made a route on 2nd slightly thinner * Expanded the room before 2nd a bit * Blocked a sightline on mid
  2. The 2nd Point Update

    * Moved 2nd back into the middle of the space * Changed the cover around 2nd * Changed the ammo pack on 2nd to a medium pack * Moved the hp and ammo by the PC in the lobby at last further away * Moved the PC and extended the ramp in the lobby at...
  3. The Walls & Doorframes Update

    * Made all walls 16hu instead of 32hu * Added doorframes * Replaced the fences on mid with metal sheets * Fixed some clipping on the trains at last * Added a high-up non-walkable catwalk at mid to close up the area a little * Removed the walkable...