cp_michael a7

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* Rotated last by 45 degrees
* Widened mid to be more comparable to other 5cp maps
* Reduced the mid capture zone size
* Widened the main choke at mid
* Moved one of the upper routes to 2nd further to the outside
* Moved the 2nd forward spawn
* Moved the point at 2nd further back
* Revised the defenders' entrances to 2nd
* Added water to 2nd
* Replaced the barrels on 2nd with a truck
* Removed the bridge at 2nd
* Moved the lower main entrance into 2nd to the main garage building
* Slightly raised last defenders' spawn times
* Brightened up some areas
* Removed the medium hp and ammo in the lobby between 2nd and last
* Slightly moved back the last cap
* Removed some walls in the lobby between 2nd and last
* Moved the ramp in the lobby between 2nd and last

a7 pics:
* Widened connectors some more
* Moved the mid crates further from the spire
* Made the mid crates smaller
* Removed bumps around mid
* Slightly reduced spawn times for teams when defending last
* Slightly extended the capture time for last
* Made the pipe housing on 2nd less boxy
* Moved the main wall on mid closer to the point
* Removed and re-routed several routes on 2nd to reduce the number of doorways that defenders need to watch
* Widened the concrete area in the main choke at mid
* Added a car to the new garage area between 2nd and mid
* Added blockbullets to the two triangles at mid with the medium hp
* Removed a wall in the flank lobby between 2nd and mid
* Added more signs
* Removed the underground tunnel route at last
* Fixed some clipping at last
* Moved back the route between the two lobbies in the area between 2nd and last to make rotating easier when defending 2nd

a6b pics:
* Widened doorways and connectors between 2nd and last
* Removed Gate 3 to last and renamed the remaining gates accordingly
* Removed cluttering props and cover
* Walled off the useless room on upper 2nd
* Blockbulleted the trains at last
* Widened the cap space at mid
* Changed the ramps that lead to on top of the crates at mid to boxes
* Slightly lowered the high ground coming out of the main choke at mid
* Fixed the ramp on the flank at mid to be less annoying
* Removed one side of the mid choke catwalk
* Removed the shutter door between 2nd and last
* Removed part of the wall on the last cap zone
* Replaced the truck on 2nd with barrels

a6 pics:
* Slightly lowered the 2nd cap point
* Widened the doorway on the new high ground to 2nd
* Reduced high ground at mid
* Compressed mid and 2nd some more
* Lowered mid point
* Removed water at mid
* Removed health and ammo packs from under the mid point
* Changed the left rollout to end on even ground
* Slightly moved the 2nd forward spawn
* Added pillars to last for more cover

a6_experimental pics:
* Removed the catwalk on 2nd
* Extended the lamp wire on last
* Added some glass to the top section of the last cap
* Expanded Gate 1 at last
* Added some cover to 2nd
* Added some high ground in the main choke at mid
* Moved the spawn door closest to Gate 5 at last
* Made mid smaller again
* Made 2nd less wide along with the routes to it from last
* Added another route to 2nd with high ground
* Moved some health and ammo packs around
* Widened the main ramp on 2nd
* Changed the full ammo pack on mid to a medium
* Moved the initial spawns to better spots
* Fixed the old air vent route not being closed all the way
* Added a window to see the last point from spawn
* Adjusted cap times to match official maps
* Added signs in various places
* Moved the route to the main choke via 2nd to the left
* Removed the mysterious ramp
* Removed the rain for now