cp_anomaly a4

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louise cheeze
First release
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Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. The Doors and Scaling Update

    Made a bunch of doors/chokes smaller Lowered the ceilings on the indoor areas Made the lobby between 2nd and last smaller Made last smaller Added more health and ammo to 2nd and mid a4 pics:
  2. The Back to Alpha Update

    Redesigned mid by filling in space with dirt Reworked some of the connectors so they feel more open Removed large instances and put things back on the grid a3 pics:
  3. The Texture Update

    * Added basic textures to most brushes. Note that I haven't yet cut up the brushes properly so the textures just repeat. This update is mainly to test out a theme and for those people that don't want to play dev textured maps. * Cleaned up some...