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cp_menneck a3

A 5 cp map using the Frontline! assets.

  1. cp_menneck

    ☁ Cloudy ☁
    Changes made for cp_menneck_a3

    -Made mines do less damage (170)

    -Added some barbed wire to the bottom of the "death pits" at mid

    -Fixed playerclipping on crates that block staircase door (by explosive barrel)

    -Fixed glass on mid

    -Added nobuild to the holes blown in the walls on mid

    -Slightly raised skybox by barbed wire on mid ( for jumping soldiers/ demos to make it easier to cross)

    -Fixed playerclips on the little canopies on last

    -Fixed some missing wall textures outside of...
  2. cp_menneck

    ☁ Cloudy ☁
    - Fixed some crouch glitch spots

    - Fixed being able to stand on a ledge on mid's roof

    - Simplified skybox geometry

    - Added simple dirt to the outside of the map (to help with simplifying geometry)

    - Frontline! assets should actually be with the map when downloading now