cp_larkstongue a2b

The horrible bastard child of Steel, Well, and Gorge

  1. Krayken
    Did you ever think to yourself, "Gee, I wish I could hear train bells all day while falling off a crane-lift to my doom while fighting over a laser"? Well, that's oddly specific, but wait no more to fulfill your fantasy! Lark's Tongue (not final name if I ever work on this more) is a Steel-Type with an excessive amount of verticality and trains.

    Capping A: Unlocks A-E, and the A-B shortcut/route

    Capping B: Unlocks B-C, extends safety bridges below E

    Capping C: Starts the one-way train to D, extends bridges to reach E

    Capping D: Locks down Red's quick access to E, flips guardrails up, and opens train gates at B to make Blu's trip faster

    Capping all points pulls E upwards slowly ;)

Recent Updates

  1. tiny patch
  2. big bandaid wraps
  3. holy update schbmatman