cp_boardwalk a2

A 3CP A/D map that takes you through a seaside town and boardwalk

  1. DoctorDoomtrain64
    Blue team is itching to enjoy themselves on the boardwalk, but red is full of party poopers and want it all for themselves! Fight through the local seaside town towards the boardwalk and claim the rides and festivities for yourself! Just be careful not to get smacked by the roller coaster1

    Special thanks to:

    Diva Dan for the Roller Coaster prop and cardboard box pallets
    UEAKCrash for the Overgrown assets
    3DNJ for the sand texture
    Wareya for the brushwork library. Seriously, that saved me SO much time
    The Frontline! team for the skybox, Fountain prop and health/ammo patches
    The people in the TF2Maps Discord for helping me with Hammer stuffs and for just being awesome in general


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Recent Updates

  1. Cubemap Update
  2. Correct file Update
  3. Small fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. QLAKD-Jif
    Version: a2
    I like it.
    Nice aesthetic.
    If you make the room outside red spawn is a little dim, makes it hard to see the directions for the points inside it. Maybe more arrows if people get to one point but are looking to get to another.
    Good so far, keep going!