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Bumblefumble a2

An Autumn themed Payload map that I adopted

An Autumn themed Payload map that I adopted from Kube, originally named pl_nectarine, mostly just uploaded this so I can get feedback for it at this juncture, only minor changes so far plus changing the skybox and environmental lighting.

Of course, this was Kube's map originally so all the credit for the current layout and concept goes to him

Assets used:
Autumnal pack - Berry
sky_earlymorning_02 - Void
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. A Update

    -Added a resupply locker to Blu’s first spawn, moved the other one closer to the spawn exits -Added a flank for Blue in the Small House by point A -Removed and adjusted some rocks near A -Opened one of the windows in the Large House, to let in...
  2. Raise the Roof Update

    -Raised some clip brushes in the first area so they can't be exploited
  3. Indecisive Update

    -Changed the skybox and lighting AGAIN because I'm indecisive -Added soundscapes