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Bumblefumble a6

An Autumn themed Payload map that I adopted

Welcome to Bumblefumble Apiaries!

An Autumn themed Payload map that I adopted from Kube, originally named pl_nectarine!

Of course, this was Kube's map originally so all the credit for the original layout and concept goes to him

Assets used:
Autumnal pack - Berry
sky_earlymorning_02 - Void
Apiary Models - Wendy & Bonk Nickeltoon
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Shrinking Down the B's

    -Shrunk down most of the area around B -Changed Red's initial and second spawns as a result, adding a new spawn building for Red's initial spawn and making Blu's final spawn building a joint spawn that Red occupies when A is capped but before B...
  2. Door

    -Fixed one of the doors at Blu's final spawn not working (Thanks MM1011!)
  3. I can't BEElieve how easy it is

    Changelog: -Revamped Last -Gave Blu their own forward spawn for when C is capped, much closer than the previous spawn -Adjusted some doors for the flanks -Added a flank for Blu by point A -(Hopefully) fixed the cart freaking out -Various minor...