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  1. Mess About

    koth_spookery a9

    my entry to MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest 2022 Name: koth_spookery Theme: Halloween, maritime Custom content: sky_night_02, sunshine arches (lot of them) Feature: friendly ghost that heals your team and scare off the enemy less spicy pumpkin bombs (compared with Valve version) well as a deathpit...
  2. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Boardwalk a3

    Blue team is itching to enjoy themselves on the boardwalk, but red is full of party poopers and want it all for themselves! Fight through the local seaside town towards the boardwalk and claim the rides and festivities for yourself! Just be careful not to get smacked by the roller coaster1...
  3. squ1rrel

    High and Low - Squ1rrel 2018-07-08

    Stationed on a bleak isle: A weathered lighthouse with a tragic existence... Thanks to the Swamp and Bulletcrops team for the custom assets!