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Collider B1

A very compact underground KOTH map, where RED and BLU fight over a particle accelerator.

Deep underground, RED and BLU have claimed opposing sides of an old particle accelerator

Both teams now plan to override the safety systems, and use their particle beam to destroy the other side's equipment

Who will do it first?

This is a small and compact KOTH map, where the cap point is in the center of the accelerator facility


This is my second map. I know the layout isn't very good (really underscaled it) but hopefully it's not not too bad to play on.



- Ravidge's Lighting Library (used it for pretty much all the lights on the map!)
- MaccyF's Airport Pack (used for the security gate at spawn)
- Void's BLU imports of RED products (used for the radar dish at mid)
- ABS's mapping resource pack (everyone uses this one, though, right? :p)


Planned features:
- Fancy explosion effects on round completion
- More responsive environment (facility changes based on which team owns the point, how much time is left, etc)
- Lighting and modelling improvements
- More generic detailing


First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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