Coastal a3

MvM map set in a ww2 era town.

  1. New stuff

    I have returned to the surface world to bring my most coveted treasure.

    My map.


    -Fixed ramp not touching ground

    -Messed with navigation some more

    -Sort of fixed signs
  2. A2, finally!

    Ive been at work in my basement ever since a1 released, and I believe I have something that is somewhat better than a2.


    -Added path for tank, no more exploding under peoples hatches for him

    -Reduced empty space

    -Added Home for robots

    -Added water

    -Added nav mesh edits to assist noob bots

    -Added new sniper areas

    -Adjusted some health and ammo

    -Added Robo Engie spots

    -Added a new defend-able spot.