Medieval Cinder Caves A4

A dynamic medieval CTF Keep-Away map set in a cave with lava pits.

  1. Drewfire
    Hidden away in a doomed dimension, one where even Merasmus dares not to enter, lies a mysterious grey briefcase. Within this cave that this artifact is contained, there is a curse that strips artillery that it deems not worthy of Ye Olde Times. Now, the mercenaries of RED and BLU must obtain the briefcase to break the curse, and send their team home.
    This is a compact, Medieval CTF map using Keep-Away rules, meaning that a timer counts down whenever someone holds the neutral briefcase. Whoever holds the briefcase when the timer hits zero will be awarded a point for their team.

    Features in this map include an unique way for the briefcase to spawn in, gimmicks that rotate every subround, lava pits that can incinerate the briefcase, short respawn times, a deathmatch lobby, and compatibility with the Bot Overhaul mod.

    Deathmatch Lobby photos

    Everything is in the BSP file, so all you have to do is put it in your tf/maps folder, then load it up in game! Enjoy!


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